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The Consortium of Connected Research for Agricultural Innovation (COCORAI) is a global scientific and educational non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental science, engineering practices, and the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within farming and the underlying Agricultural Industry.

COCORAI is prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings for sustainable and high-quality farming linking connected farms with academic researchers based globally.

The organization’s goals range from providing an open Digital Library for research visibility, expanding the global community, organizing research conferences, shaping the future of ICT-based farming, defining educational programs for the next generation of farmers, promoting the benefits of ICT in farming to citizens and policymakers, advocating for green ICT and sustainable farming practices, and upholding ethical standards for a positive impact on the global community.

Current and upcoming Projects

PHD Program ICT in Agriculture

The project will model, create, and deploy an interdisciplinary and inter-university Ph.D. program anda living lab to model sustainable connected farming digitally.The Ph.D. program will be deployed in Europe (one cluster) and in three experimental clusters in participating countries (Algeria,Thailand, and Uzbekistan)
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From Farm to Fork Digital Twin

Gather a diverse range of data and deploy cutting-edge AI models, ultimately serving the paramount purpose of streamlining and enhancing the decision-making processes. The extensive spectrum of data acquisition spans across each distinct stage of the production cycle, from the cultivation of plants up to the consummation of the produce within your household.
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Connected Farms via Smart Containers

Repurposed maritime container equipped with IoT hardware and software. This technology manages crucial agricultural processes while providing farmers with continuous monitoring capabilities. Farmers can oversee andcontrol all aspects of agricultural processes, gaining a comprehensive perspective on the entire farming cycle.
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Ai Software Accelerator Program

Platform strategically developed and implemented in participating countries, specifically catering to software start-ups. Its primary goal is to expedite the feedback collection process for agricultural software systems and services. This initiative aims to optimize R&D, encourage innovation, and foster collaboration between academic researchers and the Agro-industry.
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We extend a warm and hearty welcome to you at the virtual home of the Consortium of Connected Research for Agricultural Innovation (COCORAI). As a distinguished global scientific and educational non-profit organization, COCORAI is committed to propelling fundamental science, engineering practices, and the transformative application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the realm of agriculture.As you navigate through our digital space, you will discover a wealth of resources dedicated to advancing agricultural innovation. Join us in promoting the highest professional and ethical standards, as we collectively strive for a future where technology and sustainable farming converge for the betterment of our global agricultural landscape.

Ahmed Seffah

COCORAI President