Contribute to a Project

Contribute to a Project – Governance

The Consortium of Connected Research for Agricultural Innovation (COCORAI) is a global scientific and educational non-profit organization that actively supports its members’ clusters based around the world. COCORAI operates under a robust and fully compliant governance framework, ensuring that its members’ sustainable agriculture international projects are managed effectively from the initial fund-raising stage through to successful completion.

COCORAI’s global reach and decentralized structure allow it to leverage the expertise and resources of its members’ clusters, which are strategically located in various regions worldwide. These clusters comprise a diverse network of researchers, academics, industry professionals, and subject matter experts who collectively drive innovation and advancement in sustainable agricultural practices.

Within this governance framework, COCORAI provides comprehensive support to its members’ clusters throughout the entire project lifecycle. This support encompasses:

  1. Fund-raising: COCORAI assists its members in securing funding for their sustainable agriculture projects by leveraging its global network, fostering collaborations with potential investors, and providing guidance on effective fund-raising strategies.
  2. Project planning and management: With its extensive experience and expertise, COCORAI helps its members develop robust project plans, allocate resources efficiently, and implement effective project management methodologies to ensure successful execution.
  3. Compliance and regulatory adherence: COCORAI ensures that its members’ projects adhere to all relevant local, national, and international regulations, standards, and best practices related to sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and ethical guidelines.
  4. Knowledge sharing and capacity building: Through its educational initiatives, COCORAI facilitates the exchange of knowledge and best practices among its members, enabling cross-pollination of ideas and fostering continuous learning and professional development.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation: COCORAI provides mechanisms for monitoring project progress, assessing impact, and evaluating outcomes, ensuring that projects remain aligned with their intended goals and objectives.
  6. Dissemination and outreach: COCORAI supports its members in disseminating their research findings, success stories, and innovative solutions to a global audience, promoting the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices and driving positive change.

By operating within this comprehensive governance framework, COCORAI empowers its members’ clusters to tackle complex challenges in sustainable agriculture, leverage collective expertise, and create tangible impact on a global scale. This collaborative approach ensures that projects are executed efficiently, responsibly, and in alignment with the highest standards of sustainability and ethical conduct.