the Green House in the Prairie

The Connected Farm

The Connected Farm implements Digital farming, which can be defined as the use of technology by farmers to integrate financial and field-level records for complete farm activity management, including AI-based software production, natural resources consumption (water, energy), as well as recycling and waste management. Connected farming is a technological approach that allows farmers to constantly monitor and manage all agricultural processes and get a complete view of the farming cycle. IoT-based smart sensors transmit data to each other in the IoT ecosystem, allowing farmers to collect, sort out, and handle it from multiple sensors installed on the drones, equipment, and in the fields.

For instance, this data can be used to identify soil moisture or collect information on the crop state. Based on the acquired data without human intervention, farmers can improve resource efficiency, minimize expenditures and waste, and be proactive in decision-making and early forecasting to prevent possible equipment malfunctions or any other challenges and risks. So, knowing the moisture level of the land will help you irrigate it efficiently without wasting additional water. For example, with IoT-powered sensors set up on drones that can take images, you will know whether to use pesticides.

Located 50 km West of Algiers City Downtown, in between Tipaza and Cherchell cities in the County of Sidi Rashed, the 3 hectares Connected Farm is the place to be, to visit, feel and smell, and see, experience life in an authentic Moorish-style house, a permaculture farm with all types of trees, olive, orange, and much more. Open year-round, you can observe species and plants changing colors, flowers blooming in Spring, tasting fruit in Summer, planting in Fall, and more.

The Connected Farm is unique in its genre in all the central parts of Algeria (Algiers, Boumerdes, Blida, and Tipaza). It is an AI-based living lab for education and education in environmental sciences, IT, and agriculture. The Connected Farm is the place for conducting various experiments:

  • Collecting Data on organic farming including the wide range of fruit trees, vegetables, honey and bees, and olive oil while being a station for research for students and academics from the Algiers Schools of Agronomy and Artificial Intelligence
  • A field-oriented learning place for young future and current farmers and friends of farmers/farmers from all social backgrounds, cultures, and people with reduced mobility.
  • An entire ecosystem for the Algeria agro-industry via a full range of activities to discover a rich, structured environment that meets their curiosity, their knowledge of research on the animal and agricultural world, life on a farm, and the long tradition of Algeria Farming since the roman empire.
  • Students, professors, and agriculture professionals can conduct field experiments to study the Worlds of animals and plants; using our facilities, they can conduct field studies, questions, and experiments and learn to regulate their behavior to better respect life.

The Connected Farm focus on those disruptive factors affecting the farming sector tremendously that must compel the entire agriculture business ecosystem to embrace Artificial Intelligence-powered digital transformation. Here are the following ones:

  • Growing demand for food. Regarding the UN predictions of global population growth by 2 billion by 2050 and the corresponding need to boost food production, farmers must leverage IoT-based farming solutions in their daily routines to overcome agricultural collapse.
  • Unsustainable farm practices. Reduced use of chemicals would amplify the standards.
  • Reduced water supply. according to the UN, there is already a shortfall of water supply due to population growth, climate changes, and, ultimately, water-intensive growth patterns.
  • Environmental pressures. Climate changes and weather conditions affect crop life.
  • Growing concerns over animal welfare. Connected farming can enhance the well-being of livestock.