Farm 3

The Green House in the Prairie

An Educative Organic Farm Open for Schools and Friends of the Nature. Located 25 km South of Algiers City Downtown, in between Douera, Kraiscia, Baba Hassan, Souala, and Draria), the 23 hectares far is the place to be, to visit, feel and smell and see to experience life in an authentic Colonial-style house, an organic farmer with all types of trees, olive, orange, and much more. Open a year around, you can observe species and plants changing their colors, flowers blooming in Spring, tasting fruit in Summer, planting in Fall, and more.

The House in the Prairie is unique in its genre in all the central parts of Algeria (Algiers, Boumerdes, Blida, and Tipaza), the educational organic farm is a privileged place for education in the environment, the discovery of the rural environment, knowledge of the trade of farmers. The farm offers a wide range of activities, workshops, and a guided tour of fields of grapes, fruit, and vegetables. While contributing to the development of the population awareness regarding being green and sustainable, our farm is:

  • An organic farm producing a wide range of fruit, vegetable, honey, and olive oil while being a station for research for students and academics from the Algiers School of Agronomy
  • A family-oriented learning place for young future and current farmers as well as kids from all social backgrounds and cultures and people with difficulties or mobility scaled down.
  • An entire ecosystem for families, parents, and their kids to understand the organic/permaculture approach via a full range of activities to discover a rich, structured environment that meets their curiosity, their knowledge of research on the animal and agricultural world, life in a  farm, and the daily work of family its 40 years tradition.
  • Students, professors, and agriculture professionals can study the Worlds of animals and plants; using our facilities they can conduct field studies, questions, and experiments, and learns to regulate their behavior to better respect life.
  • The general public is welcome to spend a relaxing day where they can discover the farm in its environment makes it possible to better understand the links that exist between the city ​​and the countryside. Beyond his roots, the city-dweller rediscovers, through cultivation and animal husbandry, how much it depends on the land which only produces if we take care of its maintenance.
  • For elderly people, people of determination, and their accompanying doctors and nurses, we will also welcome doctors, psychologists, and active or retired health professionals who want to give some of their time to people who are suffering and who do not always have access to care.