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The National Agronomic School of Algiers (ENSA)

Previously known as the National Agronomic Institute (INA), is an Algerian institution of higher education and scientific research in agronomy. ENSA, founded in 1905, is the only school that trains agricultural engineers in Algeria1,2. In October 1905, under the order of M. de Peyerimhof, the school opened its doors for the first time under the name of the School of Algerian Agriculture. On February 28, 1921, the school changed its name and became the Agricultural Institute of Algeria. It is in Cinq-Maisons (El Harrach, Algiers), at the university center next to the National Polytechnic School (ENP), the Polytechnic School of Architecture and Urban Planning (EPAU) and the National Veterinary School (ENSV).

With a staff of 170 teachers and researchers (in 2012), the school’s mission is to train engineers and masters in agronomy after 5 years of study. It now includes nine departments with more than fifteen specialties:

  • Department of Botany: Phytopathology
  • Department of rural economy: Management of agro-food businesses + Agricultural and rural economy
  • Department of Forestry: Forestry + Nature Protection
  • Department of rural engineering: Agricultural hydraulics + Agricultural machinery and agro-equipment
  • Department of Soil Sciences: Soil Sciences
  • Department of food technology: Technology of agro-food industries + Food and human nutrition
  • Department of zootechnics: Animal productions
  • Department of crop science: Plant production
  • Department of Agricultural and Forestry Zoology: Plant Protection + Agricultural and Forestry Entomology.