National University of Agriculture (UNA) – Excellence and Innovation in Agricultural Education

National University of Agriculture 

The National University of Agriculture dedicates itself to cultivating skilled professionals, advancing scientific inquiry, and fostering development across a spectrum of disciplines such as agronomy, sociology, economics, agropastoralism, fisheries, forestry, and environmental sciences. The institution boasts a suite of nine (9) specialized schools, each offering curricula that culminate in professional certifications and master’s degrees.

These schools include:

  1. School of Sciences and Techniques of Conservation and Transformation of Agricultural Products

    – Professional License in the Conservation and Processing of Agricultural Products

    – Professional master’s in food science and technology with a focus on Control and Quality Assurance

  1. School of Plant and Seed Management and Production

    – Professional Degree in Crop and Seed Production

    – Masters in Seed Production, Phytopathology, and Soil Management

  1. School of Horticulture and Green Space Development

    – Professional License in Horticulture and Green Space Development

  1. School of Rural Engineering

    – Professional License in Agricultural Equipment

    – Professional Degree in Rural Infrastructure and Sanitation

    – Professional Degree in Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy

    – Professional Master’s in Agricultural Equipment

    – Professional Master’s in Rural Infrastructure and Sanitation

  1. Aquaculture School

    – Professional License in Aquaculture

    – Professional Master’s in Aquaculture

  1. School of Tropical Forestry

    – Professional Degree in Tropical Forestry

    – Masters in Forest Resource Planning and Management

    – Professional master’s in wildlife and Rangeland Management and Development

  1. School of Management and Operation of Livestock Systems (EGESE)

    – Professional License in Livestock Systems Management and Operation with a pathway in Animal Production and Health

    – Professional master’s in animal production, with concentrations in Dairy and Meat

    – Professional master’s in animal production, focusing on Poultry

  1. School of Agribusiness and Agricultural Policies (EAPA)

    – Professional Degree in Farm and Agri-food Business Management

    – Professional Degree in Agricultural Finance

    – Professional Degree in the Marketing of Agricultural Inputs and Products

    – Professional Master’s in the Management of Agricultural and Agri-food Businesses

    – Professional Master’s in Agricultural Finance

    – Professional Master’s in the Marketing of Agricultural Inputs and Products

    – Professional Master’s in Agricultural Development Planning

  1. School of Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension (ESRVA)

    – Professional Degree in Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension

    – Professional Master’s in Agricultural Extension and Consulting

    – Professional Master’s in Gender and Rural Development

    – Professional Master’s in Rural Sociology

The educational framework is further enriched by the Doctoral School of Agronomic and Water Sciences (EDSAE), inaugurated in 2018. This advanced division provides doctoral training in:

– Plant Production and Genetic Resources

– Horticulture, Environment, and Development

– Forestry and Wildlife Management

– Rural Economy, Agroeconomics, and Management

– Rural Sociology and Agricultural Extension

– Animal Production and Health

– Fisheries Sciences and Applications

– Human Nutrition and Food Safety

– Food Science and Bioresource Technology

– Eco-design and Energy Valorisation in Agriculture

Five research laboratories underscore the university’s commitment to innovation:

  1. Laboratory of Plant, Horticultural, and Forestry Sciences

    – Unit for Plant Biotechnologies, Crop Protection, and Seed Sciences

    – Soil Sciences Unit

    – Unit for Horticultural Production and Green Space Management

    – Bioresource Conservation Unit

  1. Laboratory of Animal and Fisheries Sciences

    – Aquaculture and Fisheries Management Unit

    – Animal Sciences and Livestock Systems Unit

    – Animal Health and Biosecurity Unit

  1. Laboratory of Food Science and Technology and Human Nutrition

    – Quality Management and Food Product Development Unit

    – Valorisation Unit for Bioactive Substances and By-products

  1. Laboratory of Rural Economy and Social Sciences for Sustainable Development

    – Unit for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Management of Farms and Agro-industrial Enterprises

    – Unit for Climate Change Adaptation in Agricultural Production Systems

    – Social Change and Rural Communication Analysis Unit

  1. Rural Engineering Laboratory

    – Renewable Energy Unit

    – Rural Infrastructure and Facilities Unit

With 89 esteemed faculty members spanning various fields of expertise and a vibrant student community of 1,500 for the 2022-2023 academic year, the National University of Agriculture stands as a beacon of educational excellence and innovation.