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University of Antananarivo, Science & Technology domain Faculty of Science

In the agricultural sector, the Plant Biology and Ecology specialization stands out as a place of learning and research dedicated to the in-depth study of botany and plant sciences. The department focuses on studies related to plant biology, ecology, plant genetics, and plant physiology. It offers students the opportunity to acquire techniques aimed at improving agricultural yields, disease resistance, environmental sustainability, and food security. Collaborations with local and international institutions strengthen the impact of discoveries and innovations.

The department is subdivided into three Master training programs:

  • DIASE, Diagnostic, Ecological Monitoring, and Ecosystem Management: improving knowledge about the importance of plant biodiversity and ecosystems involved in ecological balance and the sustainability of ecosystem services.
  • PHYTECH, Plant Physiology and Biotechnologies: understanding the interactions between plants and their environment, enriching agricultural diversity through the development of new varieties and the use of underutilized species, mastering current market demands for plant products.
  • SYGEDUR, Systematics and Sustainable Management of Plant Diversity: describing, safeguarding, and developing plant resources within the framework of sustainable development and human adaptation to climate change.