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SunSpace Farm

SunSpace Farm emerged as a dynamic start-up, stemming from the SunSpace project initiated under the Erasmus+ program, with funding from the European Union. This venture, born from collaborative efforts between Chiang Mai University and a consortium of eight institutions spanning Europe and Asia, embodies a mission to revolutionize agricultural education and training. The SunSpace project is dedicated to equipping farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to embrace new technologies effectively.

SunSpace Farm’s primary focus revolves around three key areas: Smart Farmer Training, experimentation with digital technology and data science in crop cultivation, and the value-added processing of agricultural products. With an emphasis on leveraging digital solutions and data science, the company aims to empower farmers with innovative techniques for enhancing productivity and sustainability. By transforming agricultural practices and fostering value-added processing, SunSpace Farm strives to elevate the agricultural sector while promoting economic growth and environmental stewardship.