Chulalongkorn University – The Halal Science Center

Chulalongkorn University – The Halal Science Center

The Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University, provides science and technology services to society. Its services are of three types:

Halal Forensic Science Laboratory

  • Quantitative analysis of (Hydroxyproline content and LC-MS/MS)
  • Analysis of fatty acids composition (GC-MS-MS , GC-FID)
  • Quantitative analysis of ethyl alcohol (GC-FID)
  • Detection of porcine DNA contamination (Real-Time PCR)
  • Analysis of polar compounds (mini column)


Research and Innovation

  • Food innovation research development on advanced technique for food analysis
  • Development on healthy Halal food
  • Development on Halal cosmetics products


Scientific Affairs Service for External Sector

  • HAL-Q system installation, providing consultant regarding HAL-Q system installation, managing HAL-Q training for manufacturers. HAL-Q is a quality management system to guarantee and take responsibility for Halalness of products and services by integrating Halal standard into food safety system, resulting in proper Halal food production according to Islamic principle that focuses on cleanliness and safety in conformity with international standard. This is to enhance confidence among Muslim consumers that Halal foods produced in industrial factories will not contaminate with prohibited substances according to Islam and the production method is in accordance with Islamic principle, resulting in health safety in various dimensions, including spiritual safety as well.  Thus, the food is clean and safe according to international standard.
  • Providing consultant regarding Halal enterprise incubation.
  • Heavy Najis cleaning service.
  • Heavy Najis cleaning service with special detergent.