The COCORAI initiative witnessed its inaugural meeting on June 15th and 16th at CAMT, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. This significant event served as a platform to enlighten participants about the core objectives of COCORAI and explore potential partnerships. The proceedings commenced with an informative presentation by Professor Ahmed Seffah, who elucidated the essence and purpose of COCORAI to the attentive audience. Subsequently, representatives from each participating country presented their respective endeavors, shedding light on the diverse range of ongoing work in the field. The meeting thus paved the way for meaningful collaborations and fostered an atmosphere of knowledge exchange and cooperation.

The second day of the COCORAI initiation meeting commenced with an insightful morning tour of the Sun SpACe farm, guided by the knowledgeable hosts, Ms. Komalaporn Kummalue and Dr.Pradorn Sureephong. Onsite attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the innovative practices and technologies employed at the farm, further inspiring their engagement in the COCORAI initiative.

In the afternoon, an engaging meeting was held at the Halal Science Center, bringing together both onsite and online attendees. The purpose of this gathering was to deliberate and strategize the structural framework of COCORAI. Participants engaged in lively brainstorming sessions, exchanging ideas and exploring innovative avenues to drive the initiative forward. The convergence of diverse perspectives and expertise in this forum paved the way for comprehensive planning and the establishment of an effective framework for COCORAI’s future endeavors.

Overall, the second day of the COCORAI initiation meeting offered a blend of experiential learning and collaborative discussions, fostering an environment conducive to forging lasting partnerships and propelling the initiative towards its ambitious goals.